Consultancy on Activities Abroad


The world is growing closer. This also means: Work is increasingly globalized. Foreigners come to Germany to work and Germans venture abroad. We offer the following consulting services in this field:

  • Departure and Arrival meetings
  • Compiling German tax returns for resident and non-resident taxation
  • Compiling foreign tax returns in selected countries, assisted by our cooperation partners in the US, the UK, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands
  • Compiling payroll accounting for staff sent to Germany including processing of travelling expenses
  • Administrating a so-called “shadow payroll”, processing tax and social security payments via trust accounts
  • Creating and implementing tax equalization and tax protection policies
  • Consulting on tax optimization of assignments
  • Consulting on tax planning in respect of individual remuneration components (stock options, salary splits, severance payments, pension plans)
  • Applications in connection with foreign assignments (application for tax exemption under double tax treaties; application for refunding of capital yield tax and withholding tax)
  • Consulting services on employer level (founding a permanent establishment, operating expenses deductions, transfer prizes, inter-company agreeements)
  • Miscellaneous tax consultancy associated with double tax treaties and the decree on employment abroad